Myinlife Rules of Conduct

The Myinlife application was developed to support informal carers in caring for their loved ones with dementia.

  • When using Myinlife, you must comply with these Myinlife Rules of Conduct.
  • The privacy protection of your loved one with dementia is very important when using Myinlife, all the more so because your loved one has no control over the data placed in the Myinlife app himself or herself.
  • To the extent possible, make sure that your loved one with dementia is aware of the use of Myinlife.
  • You should take into consideration the privacy protection of your loved one with dementia each time you place data (photos, information) in the app. Do not place any unnecessary data.
  • Be extra cautious about sharing medical data in the app.
  • Keep all data you receive through this app confidential.
  • Use the inner, middle and outer circle carefully when sharing data.
  • For the administrator: only give users access to the inner circle of care to the extent necessary.
  • The use of insulting, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable language, as well as promotional or commercial texts, is not allowed.
  • An account is for personal use only.
  • Read our privacystatement, disclaimer en cookie policy .